Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I recently had the opportunity to review Vol. 1 of What's In The Bible? : In The Beginning. I had never watched anything from this series in the past....I had only heard about it and saw other reviews of it online.

My 8 year old son loves watching Veggie Tales movies, so I thought this would be perfect for him. He loved watching it.

The What's In The Bible? series is from the maker of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer. Each DVD includes two episodes that are 30 minutes each. My son and I watched it together and we both learned something. He didn't get bored with it. It's great for young children, because you can watch one 30 minute episode at a time, so they don't get bored with it.

I would highly recommend this video series to all parents of children. It is a great series to add to your video collection. The messages are fun, educational and entertaining. There are fun puppets and music.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this DVD from "What's In The Bible?" in exchange for my honest review. All opinions here are 100% my own.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Build-a-Bear @ The Avenues in Jacksonville, FL

An American icon, the Teddy Bear brings to mind warm thoughts about our childhood, about friendship, about trust and comfort, and also about love.

Build-A-Bear Workshop® now offers you the opportunity to bring your child in for a day of interactive fun making their own stuffed animal friend. You can choose, stuff, stitch, fluff and dress your new furry friend.

As a member of Smiley360 I was sent a $40 Bear Bucks Card to be used towards a Superhero, My Little Pony® or Disney® Princess Palace Pet. The other build-a-bears in our house are ready for a new friend.

Airman Porter, Max, Bear, and Alex

This past Saturday, we decided to go and visit Build-a-Bear to pick out a new friend. Aidan decided to bring Bear for a visit.

Before, heading to Jacksonville we picked up one of our nieces, because her mom was also chosen for this mission and she wanted to go and pick out her new friend also.

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by one of the workers. She asked Aidan if his bear was a visitor and when he said "yes", she gave Bear a visitors name tag. Then we were off to find which bear we wanted to get. Aidan decided to get Spiderman. He wanted to get a super hero sound but they didn't have one. The lady that was helping us showed him other options, but still nothing he wanted (well except for the Ninja Turtles theme song, but that wouldn't go good with a super hero). There were also scents or heartbeats you could add to your bear, so Aidan decided on a heartbeat instead of a sound. Now, it was time to add fluff, put in the heartbeat and also put in the other regular heart. Before they put in the heart, Aidan had to kiss the heart, and rub it on his tummy (so the bear wouldn't go hungry). I also noticed that she put part of the tag into the bear before she stitched him up. She said it's in case he ever gets lost they can return him to the correct owners. I don't remember them doing that for our other bears, but I could have just missed it. Now the kids were off to wash their bears and find them some clothes. Aidan decided to get his Spiderman bear a Spiderman costume. After the bears were dressed we went to the computers to name the bears. Aidan named his spiderman bear, "Spider Bear".

The lady at the register was super friendly. We gave her our gift card and coupon. Aidan's bear went over the $40 so we had to put in some money, but most of it was covered. Someone was walking around giving the kids party hats, because they were celebrating Bearemy's birthday, even the bears got party hats. The kids also each received a pack of gummy snacks (the lady said it is one of the treats in party boxes when you have a party at build-a-bear). 

For more product information, click here
Be sure to follow @BuildABearon Twitter.
Click here to find your local Build-A-Bear Workshop®
Click here for a $5 off coupon any $25 purchase

We had a great time at Build-a-Bear and Aidan already wants to go back, he wants to get a Ninja Turtle. I would suggest, if you taking your children to Build-a-Bear to expect to spend at least $50 per child (unless you are getting nothing but a bear, no clothes or accessories). It's a great experience and a great experience for you to share with your children. I believe that the bears are worth the money, the quality of the bears and their other products are well made and last.

Disclaimer: As a member of Smiley360, I received free product in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated or required to make this post.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

This Crayola Virtual Design Pro - Fashion Collection would make a great gift for someone. It comes with plenty of colored pencils and markers, stencils, pencil sharpener and the design book. You just need to have a device that can download apps.

Only Crayola Virtual Design Pro can provide a full range of high quality colorful design tools and special software that brings your fashions to life on a virtual runway. Use the app to accessorize your model and customize your own fashion show. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and iPod Touch.

Each model in the design book is a two page spread. You need to design both the front and the back. Once you have your design completed you can use the app to scan your model. Each page in the booklet has a code that you scan. Once you scan the front and the back you can customize your model...change her hair, makeup, accessories, etc. Your model then walks the runway. You can even change the location of the fashion show.

I think this is a great gift for birthday, Christmas or just because.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free as part of the Expo TV Tryology program, in exchange for my honest review. I am was required to do a video review, but not required to write this blog post.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Yep, I have more baking mats to show you. These are from a different company, but as basically the same kind of mat, they just look different.

This is a set of 3 baking mats. One big one and two smaller ones. The bigger one will most probably get used the most in my kitchen.

We made pig in the blankets for dinner two nights ago (along with mac & cheese and salad). I decided to use the baking mat. These baking mats worked awesome. My pig in the blankets did not stick to the mat, unlike when I use foil or parchment paper. They came off the mat with ease and only left behind cheese that had melted out. I was so excited that that none of the crescent roll was left behind on the mat.


All I had to do was wipe the cheese away with a paper towel. It wasn't even stuck to the mat. I am pretty sure that I will never use foil or parchment paper as a liner ever again.

Stop greasing pans and wasting money on parchment paper! "The Art of Cooking" silicone 3 pack variable size baking mats are ideal for use with any size of aluminum sheet pans. This mat gives your pan a non-stick surface for delicate or messy baking projects. Mats are all BPA and BPP free. Produced using FDA (USA) and LFGB (Europe) approved materials, these are oven, microwave, and freezer safe and the silicone mats can also be used on the countertop for all types of dough. Mats clean up quickly and easily with soap and water and allow to air dry. Mats are also dishwasher approved for top rack only. The mats will not absorb food orders or flavors and are perfect for the avid baker or the seasonal holiday cook. No cooking sprays, oils or parchment paper needed, helping you save both calories and money. These will quickly become your new favorite kitchen must have item. These are not to be used as a cutting surface. Sharp objects will damage the mats. Please use in conjunction with standard baking sheet pans; place silicone baking mat inside the baking sheet and then place food/cookie dough on the top of the silicone mat for either oven or freezer use. Easy to clean, eco-friendly, non-stick- What's not to love? Buy our set and you'll see why baking has never been this fun!

Would you like to grab a set for yourself, you can do that here.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, August 29, 2014

I received my gift card to go towards an order for Schwan's on this past Saturday morning. I couldn't wait to place my order. I already knew what we wanted. Ice Cream.

What made it even better was knowing that Schwan's would be delivering to me in just a few days. I love how they give you an option of the date and time they will arrive. I chose Wednesday, August 27 between the hours of 11am and 1pm. I had a knock on my door around 12:30pm. 

I was so excited when I opened the door and saw that it was the Schwan's Delivery guy. He introduced himself to me, asked if I was Mrs. Porter and told me he had a delivery for me. He then handed me a shopping guide for July/August and told me that he would bring a new one when he comes back in 2 weeks. He asked if I wanted to add anything else to my order and then preceded to check my order and confirm everything on his handheld device. After everything was confirmed, he was off to get my order.


It took him no time at all to gather the things for my order. He placed them all in a plastic Schwan's bag and brought it straight to my door.

When he arrived back at my door, he handed me my bag of items, and had me sign a receipt. He also gave me a little sticker that had my next delivery date on it.

Are you interested in seeing what we ordered? Here it is:

Rocky Road Ice Cream, Push-Ems Orange Sherbet, Chocolate Fudge Ripple Ice Cream and  English Toffee Bars
Schwan's Home Delivery is very convenient. I love the idea of ordering frozen foods and them being delivered straight to my door. They don't just have ice cream and other sweets, they have lots of healthy options. One our next delivery, I'm planning to try something other than sweets. Maybe some chicken, steak and seafood. My son even brought through the shopping guide and made his picks for the next delivery.

My Readers Save $ On Your First Order at Schwans Home Service!
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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for US Family Guide. I received a gift card to order products for my family in exchange for my honest review.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I had never heard of a Madeleine Pan prior to receiving it. What drew me to it was the shell-like molds. When I was researching the pan I found that there is a recipe for Madeleines. All the recipes I found seemed pretty easy.

There were so many recipes online, but I settled on this one. While I was mixing my eggs and sugar, my mixture never got thick and fluffy. So, I gave up and continued with the recipe. I really didn't think they were going to come out. I was wrong.

For my first batch, I floured the pan just like the recipe suggested. It was a mess. But, I added my batter to the pan anyways. I baked them for exactly ten minutes, as soon I took them out I was able to flip them over onto the cooling rack. They did NOT stick at all. They just came right out. I sprinkled them with some powdered sugar and them a try. They were surprisingly good.

For my second batch, I used PAM (cooking spray) on the pan. I wanted to see if the Madeleines would still come out easy. I was surprised when they slid out even better than the first batch.


Bake foolproof French butter cakes and soft cookies with the Bellemain Nonstick Madeleine Pan. Its combination of old-time durability and modern convenience is irresistible ... and so are the sweet treats it creates!

Solid Cast of Strong, Durable Carbon SteelCommonly seen in extreme-use cookware such as woks, carbon steel is second only to aluminum in heat conductivity, and it's much more resistant to denting and bending than aluminum. So you can expect many years of turning out delicious, evenly baked little cakes for every occasion, from elegant tea parties to after-school snacks.

Nonstick Coating for Better ResultsIt's the delicate shell-like fluting that makes madeleines so pretty ... and so difficult to get perfect. Traditional madeleine molds required heavy pre-greasing, and still caused quite a few damages when the baker tried to dig the madeleines out of them. But thanks to modern nonstick technology, your madeleines will slide right out of the Bellemain pan.

Easy Clean-UpThe nonstick coating also makes cleaning the Bellemain Nonstick Madeleine Pan practically effortless. No scraping or scouring necessary; it can even go right in the dishwasher.

I am very pleased with the Nonstick Madeleine Pan and I would recommend it to anyone. If you would like for information or to purchase one for yourself, you can do that here.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

This book is going to come in so handy when we are planning birthday parties. Perfect for pre-teens. My bonus daughter and I will be able to find lots of ideas from the book. There are lots of very colorful photographs throughout the book and everything is very affordable.

Let the celebration begin! Whether you want to throw the best birthday bash ever or you’re dreaming up a just-for-fun sleepover extravaganza with your friends, Faithgirlz! has you covered. Packed full of creative and crazy-fun ideas, this book contains everything you need to know to plan fifteen great get-togethers from start to finish. From holiday parties to secret garden soirees, cookie bake-offs for a cause to "glamping" slumber parties, you and your BFFs will get detailed how-tos and plenty of tips for designing cute crafts, d├ęcor, munchies, and more. Plus, clever ideas throughout show you how to turn every day into a special occasion! Have a blast from invitation to gracious goodbye - all on a crafty girl’s budget.

There are so many ideas for snacks, decorations, crafts and so much more. The recipes included in the book are awesome. It's actual recipes, easy enough for young girls to do (with a little assistance of course). It even gives hostess tips. I love how to shows the girls that everyday is a day to celebrate.

If your daughter or other young girl in your life loves to host parties or get-togethers, this is the book for her.

Disclaimer: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

The Bluelife Sprial Vegetable Slicer is a nice kitchen gadget to have. I like to use when adding cucumbers to my salad. My son loves watching as I use it, he thinks it's really interesting. Maybe I'll be able to get him to eat some vegetables.

This product was very simple to use. It reminded me of sharpening a pencil. If you can sharpen a pencil, you can use the spiral vegetable slicer. You insert your vegetable and turn it and you get perfect sprial vegetables. It also came with a little brush to clean the inside of the vegetable slicer.

  • EASY-TO-USE INGENIOUS DESIGN. Hand held plastic vegetable cutter with two blade sizes. Use a simple turning motion (just like sharpening a pencil) to instantly turn boring vegetables into irresistable curly veggie treats. Easy and safe to operate, no machine to set up. Dishwasher safe & easy to clean, small enough to fit into your kitchen drawer.
  • PERFECT FOR CARROTS, ZUCCHINI, CUCUMBER, TURNIPS & SWEET POTATOES. Spiralize endless Julienne strips of carrots, zucchini, cucumber and all kinds of other firm vegetables for low carb, healthy vegetable meals. Simply the best vegetable pasta slicer available.
  • STAINELESS STEEL VEGETABLE SPIRALIZER WITH SPECIAL JAPANESE BLADES - TWO SUPER SHARP JULIENNE SIZES - 2mm x 3mm and 3.5mm x 5mm. Perfect sizes to create vegetable stir-fries, pasta dishes, salad brighteners and more! High quality spiral vegetable slicer with special super sharp Japanese stainless steel blades & high grade food-safe plastic.
If you are interested in learning more about this product, or if you would love to have one for yourself, you can check it out here.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I love creating photo books. They are so fun to create. Photo books make great gifts for friends and family. We currently have a couple photo books from another website and my son LOVES looking through them. Just the other day he was asking when I was going to do more of them. You can customize them for a special event or just because. I can't wait to see the quality of the photo books from Collage.com.


Create a professional photo book with a single click using Collage.com's One-Click Photo Book. Select photos of any size from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or your computer and they will instantly suggest a clean, professional layout that you can further customize.

Click here for 51% off a 20-page 11.5"x8" Hardcover Photo Book From Collage.com.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for US Family Guide. I am not paid for this post, but I will receive free products in exchange for my honest review.

 I was so excited to be selected to participate in this bzz campaign. We LOVE pizza. When my bzz kit arrived, it contained a coupon to get a FREE Ristorante Pizza and 8 - $1 off coupons to share. I headed to Winn-Dixie to pick up my FREE Ristorante Pizza and when I got there I noticed that they were on sale. Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, so I was able to get 2 FREE Ristorante Pizzas (I had to use my Winn-Dixie card to get the second one free).


I chose to get, Pizza Speciale (Abundant pepperoni slices and cooked ham) and Mozzarella (Fresh mozzarella, pesto, sun ripened tomatoes and a mixture of herbs).[/caption]
The #1 frozen pizza brand in Italy is here. And it’s awesome. With a crispy, thin crust and a distinctive combination of toppings and seasonings, it’s no wonder the people who know pizza love Ristorante Pizza by Dr. Oetker. Using only the highest quality ingredients, these pizzas tantalize your tastebuds and indulge your senses with an authentic Italian taste. Try any of the eight high-quality pies at home for a quick and satisfying meal. (We know you love your family, but you may want to save these for yourself.) But beware — things move fast with Ristorante Pizza. One bite leads to a second date; a second pie almost always sparks a long-term relationship. Hey, that’s what happens when you flirt with deliciously authentic Italian pizza.
My husband and I weren't huge fans of this pizza. I liked it more than he did. Our son ,on the other hand, loved it (well that is after I removed the green and tomato).


I think it was better than some brands we have eaten in the past, but it's not something that we will go out and buy. I'm not a fan of thin crust pizzas. These frozen pizzas are kinda small for the price.

Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and received a coupon for a FREE product from BzzAgent in exchange for my review. I was not compensated for this post in any other way and the opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

 I love to sleep in complete darkness....even the light on the alarm clock bugs me. I am a very light sleeper. I am so excited that I had the chance to try out a sleep mask. The Dreamer Sleep Mask is so comfortable to wear. It back strap of it as a piece of velcro on each side, so you can adjust it. It blocks out all of the light, so now I can have a better night of sleep. I would recommend this mask to everyone that loves to block out the light while sleeping or just relaxing.

The Dreamer is a long time favorite of many Dream Essentials customers; liked for its style, comfort and ability to block light. The fabric that rests over the eye area on the face is plush, fully breathable, 100% cotton interlock padding. It is a slim-line Sleep Mask it is super-comfy and when fitted correctly provides typically 100% light blocking. This Sleep Mask features the Comfort Snug™ head band, which is a wide strap that gently cradles the head in a smooth secure way. 100% light blocking for effective sleep and relaxation Ultra comfortable using natural cotton for sensitive facial skin Mask secures around head with silky sheer Comfort Snug™

Wait, there is more. My readers and followers get a coupon code. You can get 20% off Store wide exclusively at www.dreamessentialss.com and get FREE shipping for USA orders over $25.

Coupon Code: DRLT19

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Monday, August 25, 2014


I love baking, but I have a problem. My cookie sheets look horrible and I always have to line it with foil or parchment paper. When I use foil to line the cookie sheet, I have to change out the foil after every batch of cookies, because the foil rips or some of my cookie stays behind.

Now, that I have the non-stick silicone baking mat, I don't need foil or parchment paper. Be sure to read the directions that are printed on the box. Before you're first use, it says to wash with with hot soapy water and then apply a think layer of vegetable oil. You only have to do this prior to the first use, unless you put the baking mat in the dishwasher. When I'm ready to bake, I just place the baking mat directly on my cookie sheet.

 I used the baking mat today for the first time today. I made some homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

  20140825_092429   20140825_092617 
 My chocolate chip cookies came out awesome and when I removed the cookies from the baking mat it left no residue or anything else behind. Be sure that you do not use anything sharp to remove the cookies, you don't want to damage your mat.

  20140825_093518 20140825_093956   

This baking mat is gonna be used a lot. I made 6 batches of cookies this morning and the mat still looks very clean. Nothing was left behind. I can't wait to use it for biscuits, rolls, pizza and so much more. Don't you want one for yourself, you can get it here.

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


If you are anything like me, you would always have cuts on your fingers. That is a problem for me when it comes to watching lemon juice from lemons. No need for me to worry anymore. I have a lemon press. I've never used one before, but it was super easy to use. How do you use it? Well, first you need to cut your lemon or lime in half. Place one of the halves into the bottom cup of the lemon press.
I chose to use the lemon press directly over dinner, right before I put it into the oven. As you can see, we had baked tilapia. You could use the lemon press over a bowl or cup to collect the juice. Once you have the lemon half in the lemon press you close it and squeeze the handles.


This lemon press is so easy to use and I love that it has silicone handles. The silicone handles makes it easier and more comfortable when squeezing. This is a product that will come in very handy in our kitchen, and it will last a lifetime. It was very well made.
Product Description Strong, safe and super-efficient, the Epica Stainless Steel Lemon Press is also easy to use, clean and store ... proving that the simplest designs are simply the best. Juices Lemons and Limes to the Last Drop With one powerful plier motion, the nesting bowls squeeze every bit of juice from your lemon or lime; unlike reamers which force you to dig around and around, and still not get it all. The juice falls straight down onto your food, instead of squirting sideways. And even the tiniest seeds and bits of pith are trapped in the bowl. Food-Safe 18/10 Stainless Steel The Epica Stainless Steel Lemon Press is made of the same high quality alloy as eating utensils, and won't rust, scratch, pit or crack. It won't leach toxins into your food like plastic and aluminum can do. Plus, it's solid-cast for strength to give you many years of reliable use. Comfortable Silicone Handles The soft silicone helps cushion your hands and absorb pressure, so you can squeeze enough lemons to make a quart of lemonade without getting tired or sore. Cleaning the Bellemain is equally effort-free: just put it in the dishwasher.
Do you need one of these for your kitchen? You can grab one for yourself here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/b00l5g2074

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


 I was so excited to be able to review the Hydracentials Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Why? Well, because all I ever drink is water and once in a while I'll drink some kool-aid or other kind of juice. I gave up drinking carbonated/caffeinated drinks a little over two years ago. It feels great.

When I went to place my order for this product, I could not believe that it was $27. That's a little steep for me, especially for a water bottle.

 My package arrived and it was very well protected in the box that it was shipped in. Not only was it shipped in a shipping box, but it was packaged in it's one box, within the shipping box. Upon, taking the water bottle out of it's box I was amazed. It was taller than I was expecting and a heavier than I thought it would be. Not sure why I thought it would be light, because it is made of stainless steel.

I immediately filled it with some cold water. It kept my water cold for a quite a while. I can't give an exact time, because I drink water a lot, and it usually doesn't last very long. I do know that my water stayed cold for about one and a half hours without ice. I don't use ice in my water.

I love that if the bottle falls over (like when your son is jumping around and knocks everything off your end table) it doesn't leak. When you are drinking from this water bottle you do not need to tilt the bottle to drink, it has a straw inside that reaches all the way to the bottom.

I'm so happy to have this new bottle bottle. Now, I won't have wasted water because I left my cup out too long and it's no longer cold. The bottom of the bottle has a foam covering, so you won't have to worry about it scratching your furniture. Oh....and my water bottle easily fits into our cup holders in the car.

The Hydracentials Stainless Steel Water Bottle is for cold liquids only, you should never use it for hold liquids. This water bottle is great for everyone, whether you are on-the-go or just hanging around the house. The loop on the top of the bottle makes it very easy to carry around or you can attach it to your backpack or whatever else you may need to attach it to. Want more information on this product or want to purchase it, check it out here.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.